My classes are suitable for all woman at all fitness levels, complete beginners right the way through to elite!

We start off with a warm up followed by a HIIT fit conditioning exercise designed to build strength and stamina. Then we combine spins, tricks and flow moves, finishing off with stretches that will increase full body flexibility.

All classes are available in mini groups of only 4 people per class and your have your own pole to ensure you get a great workout in a purpose built studio.

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Here at Samilou's you will learn basic spins and dance movements, all the way to advanced acrobatic tricks you never thought you could do.


We work on a range on movements using the pole to help strengthen your body to help you on your pole journey, using both static and spinning poles.

The key to our classes is that you learn to link the moves together, its not just about the tricks! But most importantly, we are here to have FUN, meet new FRIENDS and get FIT.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop requires a skilful balance of strength, stamina and flexibility, which you will work on during class, including conditioning, technique, tricks and combo's.

A badass class press-ups, pull-ups, tuck ups and straddle inverts.

This is no ordinary gym class - be prepared to work!

Recommended that you have some arm strength, but if not no worries as I have got you!

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Flexibility requires patience and takes time to achieve but you will make progress if you stay consistent to your goals.

My flexibility classes are ideal for anyone who wants to take their pole or aerial journey to the next level, or for anyone who's just wanting to improve on overall flexibility.

I'm still very much on my own flexibility journey too and have been for many years. My practices are suitable for all levels and I like to work on front splits, middle splits, back, hips, shoulders and more.


Welcoming beginners though to elite dancers.

4 week blocks (to be used within 4 consecutive weeks)

We do not offer pay as you go classes

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