Online Coaching

Whether you have a holiday, wedding or big event coming up or perhaps you have just hit a plateau and progress has haltered. Whatever ever the reason I am here ready to help you achieve your goals.

Join our online 'Shape Shifta Sistas' and get all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Your training plan is designed to incorporate your unique goals, weak body parts, training availability and training style. Enjoying your training is important and so is training for your goals. Your unique training plan will cover everything you need to hit your goals in the quickest time period possible.

You are either given your calories/macros to input using my fitness pal or your nutrition plan is designed for you to your likes and dislikes, real foods, body type and with your goals in mind. As we know, everybody is different, we react differently to various methods. There is no one method that fits all.

Progress varies from each individual and we aim to loose around 1-2lbs a week in a healthy sustainable way. By the end of the 12 weeks you should loose between 5-15lbs and 2-8cm off your waist. 

We offer two types of packages...


Is more for maintenance & for someone who has knowledge with training & nutrition.

Easy to use App

Home/Gym Workout Plans 3 day Split

Calories/Macros given

Weekly Check-ins

Closed FB group

Members Website (Part Access)

Daily Goals & Challenges


Support 24/7



Is more for weight loss & for those who need more help, support & guidance.

Easy to use App

Home/Gym Workout Plans 3/4/5 day Split, you decide

Personalised Food Plan with Sista Swaps

Weekly Checks-ins

Closed FB group

Members Website 

Daily Goals & Challenges


Support 24/7

If you are ready to sign up but unsure which membership option is best for you please Contact Me and I can discuss options further.

If you already know which package you would like and want to get started straight away please use the links below to make payment.

12 Week Body Transformation

By the end of my 12 week program you will feel more confident, feel better and look great with a new improved body composition. Many of our body transformation ladies choose to continue training with us and transfer over to a monthly membership.


Package 1

Package 2


Once payment is received please allow 24 hours to receive your 1st email and it takes 3 days to get you started on your way. All training plans start Mondays.

We do NOT offer any refunds.

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