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Photo Shoot Tips & Advice For Pole Dancers & Aerial Artists.


Having a professional photo shoot can be a wonderful present to yourself. But then panic mode kicks in, what to wear, what tricks to pick, thinking your not good enough.

Even if you have had one class you can still have an amazing photo shoot. Its all about being prepared. 

Please see below some tips and advice, hope you find it useful.



Whenever you go for any photo shoot always make sure you are safe and a family member, friend knows where your shoot is taking place. Try and take someone with you if possible.



Outfit changes are always welcome but bare in mind time.

Make sure each outfit is planned and bagged separate for easy finding.

Start collecting bits and pieces in the weeks leading up to your shoot.

You can pretty much wear anything you want in photo shoots but just make sure it works for you.

No matter what you’re wearing make sure it doesn’t restrict your movement.


Make a list & check it twice.

Have some photos stored in an album on your phone of poses and tricks.

Try not to copy other performers try and be unique.

Choose moves you can do constantly and hold easy. Be prepared for one of your images to not work out. 

Regularly try on your outfits and do some poses/tricks take your own pictures and see how they are looking.


Be prepared

Do not keep it all in your head, once you get to the shoot the clock is ticking and you may start to rush and forget.

Make sure you know your poses and can hold each one for at least 5 seconds or 2 spins around the pole.

Hair & make-up test it. Make sure you know what look you’re going for and everything is to hand ready. If you want your make-up to be noticeable on pictures, do it heavier than normally.

Also do a bag pack list & pack a few days before.



Train for your shoot as you want to look your best, lots of sleep, a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

This will also help your complexion and can reduce dry puffiness or tired eyes.


On the day

Eat well before your shoot and bring health snacks.

Prepare your hair and make-up at home before you leave. So when you arrive all you need to do is warm up, costume on and minor if any hair and make-up touch ups.

Arrive in advance of your shoot do not be late.


EXTRA - From Samilou for our in house shoot - But still good advice to all.

Warm up and stretch hugely important for obvious reasons, preparing the body for physical exertion and avoiding injury as well as making sure your joints are warmed up for making the best straight lines possible. 


Start your shoot with super confident moves it will warm you up and help keep you motivated. You might be temped to do that amazing trick but i would recommend you do it last as it might take you a few attempts without a guaranteed outcome which will make you tired and dis-heartened if you cant get it. I cant stress enough for you to focus on what you can do.

Remember simple and elegant poses work really well so don’t worry if you’re not able to do the big show off moves.




Cool Down this is just as important as a warm up. Cooling down after your workout gives your muscles a chance to relax, so just a 5-10 minutes low intensity activity like slow walking. This will help your heart rate and breathing to return back to resting levels.


Our shoot will be running with military timing precision. Remember to come with your hair and make-up done. I would like my girls to arrive around 30 mins before.


We want to help create Amazing images for you to cherish for years. This is also a great way to document your progress on your pole journey and a great way to show of your hard work.


Most important HAVE FUN and enjoy it.






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