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How to achieve the Splits? 6 Simple Stretches....

March 6, 2017


Hello my lovelies,


I have chosen to do a blog on front splits, as so many of my students ask me how they can achieve or even improve. This can be done as a '21 Day Challenge’ if you have the time but still continue afterwards… I try and do these stretches x5 a week after my workout at the gym!


The front splits is pretty much on all of our to-do lists. These stretches will help us get closer to our goals.
Practicing these simple x6 stretches everyday will help even those with little flexibility.  

1) Butterfly Stretch


From a cross legged seated position move the soles of the feet together and grab your ankles. Inhale as you lengthen the spine upwards and then fold forward from your hips with a deep exhale. Pay attention to your inner thighs, breath into that area to relieve any discomfort.

Hold for 3-5 breaths.

Take a short rest and then repeat the butterfly stretch. This time let go of your ankles and crawl your hands forward away from your body to find a deeper stretch. Maintain slow and conscious breaths.

2) Side stretch with bent leg

From The Butterfly Stretch, take the right leg out to the side and point your toes to the ceiling, pushing outwards through the heel. Keep your other leg bent with your left foot near the opposite inner thigh muscle. Grab your left ankle with your right hand and bring your left hand up towards the sky and lean towards your extended right leg. Try to reach your left hand.

3) Wide leg seated forward

After completing the side stretches with bent leg, move both feet open into a wide legged pose. Let this wide legged pose be only 75% of how wide your legs can actually open.

Point both toes towards the ceiling as you lengthen in the spine. Use your hands to support the lengthening of the spine by placing them behind you. Lean slightly forward for a deep inner leg stretch.

Relax and then repeat this pose. During the second attempt try to crawl your hands forward as you bend in the hips. This will create a deeper sensation in the inner thighs

4) Front split with wall assist

Find a wall and open your legs into the widest version of your front splits. Rest the sides of the inner feet on the wall. Sit tall with your hands supporting behind you.

Slowly move your lower body closer to the wall as you breath deeply into the stretch.

Hold this stretch for 3-5 breaths. Stop if you feel any pain.

5) Frog pose

Release away from the wall and move into a simple child's pose with wide knees.

Move into table top position as you keep your knees wide and toes touching. Slowly lower your upper body towards the ground. Let your lower legs hang in the air as the soles of your feet touch and your knees are wide apart. The front of your thighs will be resting on the floor with your shins parallel to your upper body.

Breath deeply in this position for 10-15 breaths. You should feel a nice stretch in your inner thighs.

6) Low lunge to forward calf stretch

Move from Frog Pose into a Low Lunge. Let your back knee gently rest on the floor. Your front bent knee will be at a 90 degree angle on top of your front ankle.Move your front foot forward for a deeper stretch....

Stretching is not just about lengthening muscles, it has a lot to do with strengthening them to.
Combining lunges and squats with the above stretch routine will help fast track you to achieving the front or side splits.

1) 20 wide squat

2) 20 pistol squat (10 each leg)

These are hard! In the second picture I look like I'm sat on my leg I'm not! If you find this hard try using something to help support you. Our students use our poles in the studio which is easier but still hard!! It's only x10 per leg do your best!

3) 20 scissor lunges

Step backwards into these.

4) 20 reverse lunges (10 each side)

Jump alternating each leg

5) 5 minute skipping

Stretching your leg muscles before and after any leg strengthening exercisers especially if you are serious about achieving your splits.

Before anyone dives head first into this please be aware that it takes time and patience to ease into the splits.
Rushing into any stretch routine can cause injury and some cases permanent damage.

Always make sure your body is warm before any stretching.


Thank you for reading





I’m not a medical Doctor, and I don’t claim to be an expert on flexibility or physical education. Everything on this blog is simply my observations about things I’ve read or experienced. If you find anything on this site helpful that’s great, but don’t blame me if you hurt yourself.

Always be careful and do what feels right to you. If in doubt, seek medical advice.



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