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Welcome To Samilou's Online

Welcome to Samilou's Online! Your premier pole dancing platform, showcasing high-quality virtual tutorials led by Samilou herself. Join our worldwide pole family and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of pole dancing from any corner of the globe.

Pick and choose from a wide range of classes, from Entry Level to Elite.

A pole studio in your pocket!

Save Time & Take Control Of Your Pole Journey

No more missing classes

Replay and Recap at Your Convenience! Enjoy the flexibility to revisit lessons anytime, day or night. Never worry about forgetting how to do a pole move again – it's all at your fingertips!

Save money

No more paying to relearn moves you've mastered. Your skills, your way.

Monthly magic

Exciting Updates Every Month! From Pole Tricks to Dance and Fitness. Have a Trick Request? Just Ask, and We'll Add It to the Following Month's Lineup!

Train Conveniently, Train More.

No need to travel or adhere to a studio timetable. Train at your convenience, on your own schedule.

Experience a Sneak Peek:
Dive into our Online FREE Class!

What makes us different?

At Samilou Online, we redefine how you master pole tricks. We're not just a tutorial library; we're your dynamic and interactive learning companion. What sets us apart? Each trick tutorial on Samilou isn't merely a standalone lesson; it's a crucial part of our comprehensive network. Every tutorial seamlessly connects to Progressions, Regressions, Related Moves, and, most importantly, Prerequisites – giving you a clear path to mastery.

Define your goals, and let Samilou Online lead you step by step towards achieving them. It's more than learning; it's mastering pole tricks with precision and fun. Join me and experience the transformative difference today!

Flexible Training, Anytime You Like: Your Pole Journey on Your Schedule!

Train at Your Own Pace, Anytime, Anywhere with Samilou Online. Our tutorials are ready to stream, offering unlimited access throughout your membership. No matter your time zone or location, you can join in on the online fun anytime, from anywhere in the world!

Elevate Your Pole Skills: Power Up Your Performance with Expert Techniques

Unlock New Heights in Pole Dancing! Dive into our online tutorials to discover fresh pole tricks and skills. Spice up your dance combos with interesting transitions, and let us guide you in building strength and flexibility through our tailored conditioning and stretch programs. Elevate your pole dance journey with us!

Grow Stronger Together: Flourish in our Vibrant Pole Dancing Community

Step into a world of empowerment and encouragement with Samilou Studio Sista's Exclusive Online Community! Join us for a pole dancing journey like no other, where support knows no bounds. Connect with me for valuable feedback and answers to your questions, and let our community cheer you on every step of the way. Join us now and let the empowerment begin!

Become a Confident and Stronger Poler

No matter what your level, your get the highest quality teaching and advice and the freedom to learn pole safely anywhere, anytime.

Tutorials for all levels

Tricks, Combos, Stretch, Choreography, Conditioning, Workshops - and more!

Detailed Instruction

Samilou offers exceptional attention to detail, prioritize safety, and bring years of comprehensive experience and study to every tutorial.

Progressive learning

Samilou Online tutorials follow safe, clear learning pathways, with Prerequisites, Progressions and Regressions

Learn with Quizzes

Samilou Online tutorials come with quizzes to test your knowledge, and earns you Diamantes! It's a fun and rewarding way to enhance your learning.

24hr support

Samilou is by your side 24/7, offering support to enhance your learning experience. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or seek assistance, I'm here to provide reliable and timely support. Your success is priority, and I'm committed to being there for you at every moment of your learning journey.

Members lounge

Connect and engage with both fellow members and Samilou in our vibrant and thriving online community. Share experiences, seek advice, and foster a supportive learning environment.

How it works

1. Choose plan 

2. Sign up

3. Access our library straight away

Samilou Online Plan 

Everything you need to level up your pole!

Essentials Plan



Every month

Off The Pole

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial

Access to Stretch & Conditioning tutorials

Access to Samilou Online group

Advanced Plan



Every month

A pole studio in your pocket!

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial

Access to Essentials Plan

Access to Pole Tricks, Flow and Combos tutorials

Intensive Plan



Every month

Online Structured Plan

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial

Complete access to Samilou Online

x1 Online Via Zoom Private Lesson

x1 Pole Jam

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