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Online Pole Coaching

All our pole programs are tailored to you and your goals. Whether its pole tricks or pole conditioning ive got you covered. 

My main goal is to help teach you to become the best version of yourself.

We will work on a range of movements using the pole to help strengthen your body to help you to improve on your pole journey. Our styles range from HIIT, heels, spinning pole, abs, band workouts and more!

Your also get tutorials ranging from short tricks & combos within your program. Plus free online stretch and more.

What ever your level I've got you covered.

Perfect if you want to advance quickly or work on specific tricks or routines at home or just to get fit in a fantastic way that actually really works.

What is included?

Weekly progress updates, review and feedback, Plus  Home / Gym workouts if wanted that extra boost, stretch sessions via zoom, discounts, online group support, food plan tailored to your likes and dislikes, 24/7 support from Samilou with 48 hour response time.


Due to the advanced nature of this plan, it is available on application-only basis. For more information or to apply please Contact Me.

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